Online meeting

On 30th of June,2022 IGEA hosted a successful online meeting for the DESUWOW project. DESUWOW partnership met to discuss the  Intellectual Output 2. After thorough research, each partner contributed in accordance with their skills, knowledge, and experience to produce a high-quality product, much like they did while creating IO1. The  meeting was the need for an internal evaluation of the quality and content of IO2. For that reason, it was implemented where each partner would provide feedback and comments on it.

The second part of the meeting mostly focused on presenting the project’s Multiplier Events’ relevant documents. All temples such as guidelines, sample agenda, application form, evaluation form which will be used during MEs have been presented, and explained.Necessary comments were made and feedback was received from the partners about the documents.

All participants completed an evaluation survey regarding teamwork, the overall mood and progress of the project, and how well the partners got along. 

The ensuing fruitful discussion succeeded in assessing the project’s dynamics, fostering better relationships, and resolving any problematic issues. The groundwork was laid for even more effective teamwork during the project’s subsequent phases.

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